What Is A Mobile Locksmith?

24 hour locksmithLocksmiths are people we call on to help us change the locks in our home or office. There are several kinds of locksmiths, and a mobile locksmith is one of them. During emergency situations, like being locked out of our car or having locked ourselves out of our own home, we need keys to be made and who else to better help us than mobile locksmiths? Like any other type of mobile service, we no longer need to go to them – they are the ones who come to us.

What to Expect from a
Mobile Locksmith

1. Promptness. Mobile locksmiths make every attempt to arrive at our location as fast as possible.

2. Accuracy.  Upon arrival at the job site, a mobile lock smith immediately evaluates the hardware and tools needed for the job, along with the actions that have to be taken. All these depend on the kind of work that we require.

3. Well-equipped. Being a 24 hour locksmith, mobile locksmiths always bring all the possible tools, equipment and hardware they need with them – all kept in an organized manner in their utility van.

4. Professional. Like any other job in the service industry, mobile locksmiths are professionals. They know their job quite well, inside out.

5. Dedicated. Providers of mobile locksmith services are dedicated to the kind of work they have. They are willing to invest their own money on various requirements to get the job done, given that they are the ones who arrive on site and not the other way around. Therefore, they must have everything they will need to complete the job the very second they arrive on location.

6. Full of activity. Most of the time, these locksmiths are extremely busy. Many of them have appointments all through the day. They do their best in giving an estimated time frame as to the length of time a certain job would require, based on what information has been provided by the customer and they do this before arriving on location.

7. Flat rates. Generally, these locksmiths charge a flat fee for the services they render. They will be able to present you with a flat rate estimate prior to working on the issue. The only time the quoted fee would change is when unforeseen problems get in the way.

Mobile Locksmith Services

1.  Automotive/Car locksmithing services. They can offer emergency automotive locksmithing services 24 hours a day for any kind of car make and model. Customers can expect a response time of 15 to 20 minutes. Services offered by this kind of local locksmith include car key replacement, wherein automotive locksmiths can craft replacement keys for almost all car makes and models right on site and within minutes. And in most cases, car key codes are no longer required. Other services include

  • Repair, rekeying, changing, and installing the automotive ignition switch
  • Extracting car keys from doors, ignition cylinder, and trunk
  • Crafting of unique car keys like transponders, chips, VATS keys, and any other types of programmed car keys.
  • Repair, replacement, rekeying, and installation of lock cylinders on doors and trunks

2.  Residential/Home locksmithing services. This covers emergency locksmith service for all kinds of residential locks. These include door knob locks, jimmy proof locks, dead bolt locks, high security locks and many others. Services include

  • Rekeying, repair, replacement, and installation of all kinds of residential locks for any type of lock, cylinder, and door, including metal doors
  • Designing all brands, as well as security levels, of entry locksets
  • Installation of residential electronic security products, including keypad locks that have multi-user function, biometric door knob and deadbolt locks, and magnetic door locks

3.  Commercial/Business Locksmithing services. These services include rekeying, repairing, replacing, and installing all kinds of locks, including rim cylinders, mortise locks, and emergency door levers and handle locks. Other services include

  • Designing master key systems for every kind of lock and with up to a hundred different levels of access
  • Crafting restricted key systems, where there is no duplication for existing or new locks
  • Installation of emergency/panic exit devices that meet fire department standards
  • Development of high security locks, systems and products for new and existing doors
  • Crafting of combination lock systems, audit trail locks, and electric strikers with remote access

These are some of the qualities and services we can expect from an emergency mobile locksmith. The next time we are stuck on the road, at least we know who to call. And what is even better is we already have an idea of what to expect from them.

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